Tip 13 More Online Dating Tips

Tip # 13- More Online Dating Tips

From my very unscientific research among my single friends, it seems always a dilemma on whether or not to try online dating.  It is easy to get discouraged and sometimes you need a really thick skin to continue online dating.

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Singles in America complied the following data for Match.com:

-Fallen in love with someone they did not initially find attractive -44% of men 52% of women

-Think good first dates last between 2 – 4 hours – 52%

-Research a date on FaceBook – 47%

-92% of men would feel comfortable if women asked them out

-32% of respondents ask for the first and name when asking a date out


Here are today’s tips, using the data above and my vast experiences from online dating.

1.      Before meeting with someone you met online, spend some time researching them on the Internet. While everything you might find on the Internet may not be accurate, it may help you discover a little bit about the person you are going to meet. I usually try Google, property tax records, and I try to confirm their employment.  Keep in mind, the reverse is true.  Your potential dates will also be researching you, be mindful of what you put on FaceBook and the Internet.

2.      First meetings can me awkward, so, I have the two date rule. Unless someone was completely dishonest on their profile, I try to go out on a second date.  This is of course, if the man also wants to try a second date.  Second dates can be a little more relaxed.  If the men lied about their age, weight, or marital status that is a deal breaker.  The stats above show approximately 50% of both men and women fell in love with someone who they did not initially find attractive.

3.      Be Flexible. Be bold, ask the man you find attractive out, and try to make the first contact. If this is uncomfortable, start in small steps.  Email him; ask for his phone number, what do you have to lose?  From the stats above, 92% of men feel comfortable if women asked them out. 

What are some of your online dating experiences?








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