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Hi, I'm Gloria.

Welcome to my blog, and I hope you stay awhile

Sometimes, we struggle in life for no apparent reason, trading in our joy, happiness, and fulfillment for things beyond our control. We often find ourselves spinning around an uninspiring routine, unable to see and enjoy the many blessings around us. I get it; I have been there; I perfectly understand what you must be going through right now.

This is why you need my help.

My name is Gloria Pierson, a certified life coach, entrepreneur, and author of "Divorce the Divorce" and "Create Your Own Destiny." Like you, I have been a victim of overthinking. The deafening sounds of corporate bondage once drowned out my passion for life and unexpected life turns. But today, I have shrugged off all negative thoughts and now seek physical, mental, and spiritual tranquillity with diligence. 

I may not know what your story is, but mine is one of 'battle and triumph'— therefore, I have every confidence that it connects with your story.

Education and Training

  • Masters Degree in Education from the University of Florida 
  • Certified Life Coach – Universal Coach Center
  • Certified Solution Focused Coach - Universal Coach Center
  • EFT/TFT Tapping Practitioner – The Priority Academy
  • Certified Belief Clearing Practitioner – Global Science Foundation

My Story

Fifteen years ago, my life was perfect. Being happily married for 21 years with two handsome sons, having a good job, and enjoying a lot of quality time with my family, life was, well, fun for me. Business was booming, my social life even more. I attended numerous soccer games, swim meets and never forgot my crockpot. My family spent summers in the mountain and the school year in Florida.

When I turned 50, my life took a sharp downturn. Suddenly, I found myself surrendering both my sons to college, battling a divorce, losing my job, losing my cute dog, and finally losing my Mom. Life, for me, at that time, turned sour. Once a young, vibrant, successful entrepreneur with strength in leadership, I became a feeble little thing, sometimes wishing I could hide away underneath the blankets.

But I was not going to give up on life so easily.

Very soon, I pursued a new purpose in life. I attended workshops, read dozens upon dozens of books, took courses, and joined a local meditation group. Fast forward six years later; I, Gloria Pierson, am a certified life coach.

I can help you.

My Mission

I believe everyone has a unique purpose in life. By maximizing your potential in life, you too can experience positivity in thought and action; and seamlessly share that with others. It truly takes a lot of strength to admit you need a new direction. For this, I commend your courage. I want to help you regain satisfaction in life. For that to happen, you only need to take one more step.

Reach out to me today and let me share with you the tools and techniques that will transform your life into one of happiness, vitality, and joy. Better yet, schedule a discovery call with me or enroll in my courses on Teachable. And if you have the time, subscribe to my YouTube channel.

I look forward to our talk together.

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