20 Ways to Instantly Raise Your Vibration

The law of quantum physics states that our bodies are made of energy. Within this energy, there are various frequencies, from high to low. The highest frequencies are of spirit. Therefore, keeping your vibration and frequency high will result in better health, more energy, and greater happiness. In addition, a higher frequency will give you quicker results if you are working on manifesting your dreams and desires.

Our environment, the people we are around, and our fears affect our vibration. The electromagnetic frequencies also lower our vibration; that includes Wi-Fi and cell phones. That is why we must be vigilant about protecting and raising our vibration in this modern age.

With a higher vibration, we maintain clarity and realize the higher Presence of God. We are connected to Source, and our lives flow. Although it is easy to raise and keep your vibration high, you need to become aware of the situations, people, or thoughts that lower them and be proactive in raising them.

1. Eliminate sugar from your diet. Instead, try maple syrup or stevia.
2. Listen to classical music in your home and work environment. This helps if you are working on a creative project or need answers to solve a problem.
3. Eat raw fruits and vegetables. Green leafy vegetables have a high vibration. Although I am not suggesting you change your diet, try incorporating more raw fruits and vegetables.
4. Use Mantras and prayers. Spend a few minutes in the day repeating your favorite mantra or prayer.
5. Become conscious of your thoughts. Our thoughts become things. Use affirmations to keep your thoughts positive. The more you do this, the easier it will be.
6. Exercise or dance. Get your body moving to distribute and increase your energy.
7. Aromatherapy. Use essential oils in a diffuser, on your skin, or inhale them. If using it on your skin, remember to mix it with a carrier oil like coconut oil or almond oil. Some essential oils have a higher frequency. For example, Idaho Blue Spruce Oil, Rose Oil, and Frankincense have a higher frequency.
8. Crystals. Carry crystals with you, or put them around your living area. Clear Quartz Crystal opens the mind and heart to inner guidance and amplifies whatever energy is programmed into it. I love to have it near me when I meditate. Amethyst has healing powers to help with emotional issues and energy healing. When choosing crystals, pick up several and feel which feels right.
9. Spend time in nature. Even a walk through a park or watching a sunset can help.
10. Meditation. There are many studies on the effects of meditation on our well-being. Aim for a five-minute meditation first thing in the morning.
11. Read classic spiritual books or passages. You will feel inspired.
12. Do a creative project. Don’t go for perfection, have fun. For example, try coloring or watercolor painting.
13. Surround yourself with a “Tube of Light” in the morning. Visualize a shimmering white light surrounding your entire body.
14. Gratitude Jar. Get any size jar and decorate it. Use ribbons, paint, colorful stickers, or whatever your imagination comes up with—next cut, small pieces of paper that will fit in the jar. Every day write one thing you are grateful for and put it in the jar. When you are feeling low, you could you take out a few and read them?
15. Grace. Before meals, say grace. This will raise not only your vibration but also the vibration of the food you eat.
16. Spend a few moments every day doing this: Be still and feel the Perfection of God filling every cell of your being, mind, and body. You will soon see a transformation take place.
17. You can raise the vibration of your living space by cleansing the area with sage or Palo Santo. I also enjoy using Nag Champa incense.
18. Drink lots of purified water. Try to reduce or eliminate alcohol use. Alcohol vibrates low.
19. Take an Epson salt bath to clear toxins from your body.
20. To raise the vibration in your home, get some plants or fresh flowers.

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