3 Great Meditation Apps

Sensational Sunday     3 Great Meditation Apps


There are many different ways to meditate. In the 1970’s I took classes in Transcendental Meditation.  Today, I vary the type of meditation I do.  There are many Apps available to guide you through meditation. I will discuss three great mediation apps that I enjoy and have found helpful.

There has been much research conducted on the benefits of meditation. Research on Transcendental Meditation has found reduced blood pressure, and insulin resistance, slowing of biological aging, and even a 48% reduction in the rates of heart attack, stroke and death.  Research on meditation has also shown a wide range of psychological benefits.

Did this research convince you to give it a try?  You do not have to spend hours meditating on a mountain, like a monk.  Just a few minutes in your day will reap benefits.

3 Great Meditating Apps

 1.  Buddihify 2 – This beautifully designed app helps you learn to meditate and be mindful.  It offers guided meditations for different situations and a timer for unguided meditations. It also offers tips to stay mindful throughout the day. Buddihify helps bring calm, concentration and compassion to whatever you’re doing and wherever you are.  Some examples of the meditations include: going to sleep, in nature, walking in the city, work break, and just meditation. You can even keep track of how many minutes you meditated this week.

2. Breathing – This is app is great for when you feel tense or need to take a small break during you work day.  It is a guided meditation and all you do is breath. You can choose the amount of time you would like and also choose the music in the background. There are 6 relaxing sounds and a silent setting.

3. Insight Timer – This is useful app to set a timer while you meditate.  It does not offer any guided meditation.  You can choose from several soothing bell sounds to begin and end your meditation.  It also has a journal for you to record thoughts after you meditate and a world map that shows other people that are meditating the same time you are.

Have you tried these?  Were they helpful?

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