3 Tips for On-Line Dating

Tip # 7

3 Tips for On-Line Datingcouple-168191_150

On-line dating is pretty mainstream today, if you do not intend to stay single the rest of your life, it is probably worth a try.  Personally, I have tried several sites and think it is a matter of your personal preference as to which site works best for you. With that being said, you have to make smart choices in your on-line dating life.  The US Census states that 44.1% of the population is single, of that 53% are women and 47% are men. For every 84 unmarried men there are 100 unmarried women.  Girls, we have to be smart about dating, the statistics are not in our favor.

These suggestions are from my experiences from on-line dating.

1.      Make sure your photos look like you.   The number one complaint I heard from the men I went out was that most of the women did not look like their photos. When they met the women in person, they looked older. Everyone has different tastes; so, keep that in mind when choosing photos. Use photos that look like you and use a variety of photos.  I had one photo of me casually sitting with a cup of coffee, very little make up.  It was the most liked of all my photos. Wouldn’t it be great if on your first meeting, your date said, “You look better than your photos”?

2.      On your first meeting go for coffee or a drink.  It usually does not take long to decide if you would like a second date.  It is the worst, to know in a few minutes that this person is not for you and then you have to suffer through a dinner or a daylong event.  Make the first meeting quick and then plan to spend more time together if you want a second date.  I have one friend that arranges for someone to call her 15 minutes after she meets a date.  If she does not like him: the phone call is “an emergency came up” and she has to leave.

3.     Look your best!  We are all magnificent human beings and I truly believe with an open heart and true intentions, we will all find our special someone.  However, consider that a first meeting is like a job interview.  You want to look your best: a nice outfit, hair washed and styled, and most important, a SMILE.

What have you found works best for you on a first meeting?

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