3 Tips When Feeling Overwhelmed

Do your days seem to go from one crisis to another and then before you know it, it is time for bed? When was the last time you laughed or had fun? Do you feel a tightness in your shoulders or chest? If these sound familiar, you are most likely need these 3 tips when feeling overwhelmed.

3 Tips for When Feeling Overwhelmed

1. Take the time to plan your week. – Spending just a few minutes over the weekend to plan the week ahead. Jot down your intentions and goals for the week and your to-do list. When you look over your list, is there anything that can be delegated to someone else? Remember to plan some time for recreation. Take control of your schedule. I call this self-management instead of time management. Become the master of the ship of your life. I use an Elephant Journal that I purchased on Amazon and it has helped me tremendously. If you add anything to your list for the week, think very carefully if it is necessary.

2. Meditate – Spend just five minutes first thing in the morning meditating. It will set the tone for your day. Think of it as “re-clothing your spirit.” It will help you make clearer decisions during the day and help relieve stress.

3. Focusing – This is an exercise called, “Clearing the Space.” I want you to listen to your body and how you are feeling. This exercise provides clarity to know which situations need your attention the most. Maybe some of the issues can stay on the shelf.
3.1. Find a comfortable place to sit, close your eyes and ask yourself,” How am I right now?” Pause and find the answer by feeling the sensations in your body, not your head.
3.2. Ask yourself, “What is between me and feeling fine right now?” Is it work problems, a dirty house or you are feeling sad?
3.3. Without judgment say hello to the feeling and imagine putting it on a shelf across the room.
3.4. Repeat the above steps until nothing else comes up.
3.5. Next ask yourself, “Which of these issues am I most drawn to today?” Listen to the whispers in your body to learn what needs your attention.

I urge you to try at least one of these this week. Let me know how it goes.

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