4 Steps to Building Confidence


Sensational Sunday

4 Steps to Building Confidence

Every Sensational Sunday we will suggest an exercise to help you begin a shift in your life.  Confidence is something we all struggle with at some points in our lives.  Transitions in life can rattle our confidence.  Change from loss of friendships, job insecurity, financial struggles can all shake our confidence. Today we will discuss 4 ways to build and increase your confidence.  This week, try implementing at least one of these in your life.

  1. Take a risk – It can be something small to start with. You do not have to climb a mountain or jump out of a plane to take a risk. I had one client that wanted to start dating and was not sure how to begin.  For one of his assignments, I had him ask someone out for coffee.  Very simple.  I told him to go with no expectations other than enjoy meeting someone new.  That is it!  This week pick one small risk to take.
  2. Do not seek approval from others – You do not have to have everyone “like” you or “approve” of your behavior. We are all unique human beings. How boring our world would be if we were all similar. If you are uncomfortable with this, spend some time sitting quietly to access your inner wisdom.
  3. Learn something new – Challenge yourself to learn something new or improve a current skill you have already developed. Maybe it is to take tennis or golf lessons?  Learn to knit or sew.  YouTube has many videos that can help you enhance these skills.
  4. Exercise – This is so important to do at least several days a week. During really stressful times, exercising on a daily basis is almost vital.  Of course, check with your Doctor to find an exercise program that is appropriate for you.  Exercise will help you look better and feel better.  com says that exercise helps the body release the chemicals called endorphins. They trigger a positive feeling in the body.  Exercise has proven to reduce stress, ward off anxiety, boast self-esteem and improve sleep.  At the very least, go for a short walk.

Which of these ideas did you try?



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