4 Steps to Train Your Words for Manifesting

Choose your words carefully. You might be thinking, right, of course I choose my words carefully. Today though, try to become more present and aware of the words you choose. Sometimes, we get into habits and our words conflict with what we want to manifest. Try these four steps to train your words for manifesting.

My theory is:


Words are words and we have the power to change them. First, train yourself to become aware of them.

I have a client that wants to manifest more abundance. I will hear her say, “I cannot afford that.” A better sentence might be, “I choose not to purchase that.” or “I am now manifesting cash flow to meet my needs and desires.” If you catch yourself doing this, next time, stop and declare a more positive statement.

Criticizing others is another area to watch. This is especially tempting in a group situation. Remember that what you say about others, comes back to you like a boomerang. An example, “Susie has gained so much weight.” Instead try, “Did you notice what a great new haircut Susie has?” Change the subject so, you do not engage in the criticism.

Try this exercise this week:

1. Get a journal or notebook and mark the following columns:




2. When you catch yourself saying an “I can’t” statement or a criticism statement, just jot it down.

3. At night, review your list. Add what situation you were in when you said that statement. Are there any patterns?

4. Next, write a more positive statement you can say the next time. Though awareness comes change.

Our thoughts manifest in our lives. Choose positive, loving thoughts. Think of it like a garden. Would you rather plant flowers or weeds? These week, pull those weeds and replace them with flowers.

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