5 Minutes to Spare

Every moment of our day is precious. But, how many times do you waste precious minutes? It is usually not the hours we waste away; it is the small increments of time. Maybe you need to leave for an appointment, you are all ready, and you have 5 minutes to spare. Or, your favorite show will be on in 5 minutes. Or, you put dinner on the stove and you have a few more minutes until it is ready. Well listed below are 5 ways to spend  5 minutes.


1. Clean out a drawer. It could be your, “junk” drawer, your sock drawer, or your kitchen utensil drawer. It really does not matter, just pick one. Organizing is much easier with small steps. If you take it at 5 minutes at a time, before long, most of your drawers will be cleaned and organized.
2. Go through that stack of magazines. Chances are if you have magazines older than 3 months, you will not read them. Sort them and recycle the older ones.
3. Call someone to say hello. Keep a list of people you would like to speak to but, just never seem to find the time. Perhaps it is an elderly person that does not get out of the house much, just think how a call to say hello will brighten their day.
4. Write an affirmation. Get out a pen and a sheet of paper. Spend 5 minutes writing an affirmation that speaks to your heart. How do you feel after spending 5 minutes this way?
• Some examples:
o I am enough.
o I am loving and deserve to be loved.
o I am grateful for this day and all the blessing that it brings.
o I am creative and my creative thoughts flow freely.
o I am surrounded with abundance.
5. Sit in silence. Concentrate on your breath or sit quietly in prayer.

How did you spend your 5 minutes?

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