5 Ways to Deal with a Broken Heart

Dating is part of a single women’s life. Having a broken heart at some point may become a reality. It hurts, it’s uncomfortable and many emotions will wash over you. I like to think of every relationship like a brick in the foundation of the new me I am creating. If one relationship doesn’t work out, maybe it prepared me in some way for the next one. After all, we are a work in progress, brick by brick. Try these 5 ways to deal with a broken heart.

When a relationship does not work out, I like to ask myself, “What was the lesson this situation has brought to me?” “How can I grow from this experience?” These are very powerful questions to ask yourself. Spend some quiet time, centered in the moment and think about this. The present moment is always the best teacher.

5 Ways to Deal with a Broken Heart

1. Try to avoid negative thoughts about yourself or your ex-boyfriend. Negative thinking does no good. Remember the law of attraction. Try to stay positive to attract more positivity into your life.
2. That beautiful shirt he bought you, either toss is out or box it up and get it out of your sight. This goes for anything that brings back strong memories about the relationship. If you cannot bear to throw something away: box it up, give it to someone or sell it. Physical items contain energy and you want new, fresh energy in your life.
3. Exercise. Exercise is a great way to release stress. Get moving. Walk, go to the gym, play tennis: the important point is to begin moving. It might be easy and comfortable to stay on the couch in front of the television. Do the uncomfortable, get some fresh air.

4. Pamper Yourself. Do something special for yourself. Some suggestions are: take a long, warm bath, get a massage, take a trip, go to the movies, get a manicure and pedicure, or visit a great restaurant.

5. Journal. – Spend some time journaling your feelings.  It is ok to be angry, depressed or sad.


What have you done to deal with a broken heart?

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