7 Ways to Build a Network of Single Friends

Tip #8 Build a Network of Single Friendssunset-242713_150

If you have never been married, you probably already have many single friends both male and female.  If you are recently divorced, more than likely most of your friends are married. When I separated from my husband, I did not have one single friend.  I was married for 21 years; our lives were intertwined and revolved around our boys.    My married friends, at first asked me out to lunch but, those times became few and far between.  Not because they were being rude, they really did not know how to relate to my new circumstances. Several said to me that they could not imagine being in that situation.  It was almost like I had a contentious disease.

Most of the first year, I spend in front of the TV.  Occasionally on Saturday night, my Mom and I would go to the movies. Gradually, very gradually, I did meet single friends both male and female. The Universe will fill a void in our lives be patient and be open to new friendships.

At first it was uncomfortable for me to meet a friend at a restaurant or bar. I was nervous walking in alone and would arrive late or call them on their cell to confirm they were already at the restaurant.  The more I ventured out the easier it became-like riding a bike.

Suggestions to Meet Single Friends

  1. Say “Yes” when sometimes it is easier to say “no” and stay in front of the television. Change is not easy. Be patient with yourself and try going new places with different people
  2. www.meetup.com   A great web base resource.  As their website says, “Neighbors getting together to learn something, do something, and share something”. There are some groups designed just for singles.  Explore!
  3. Join a club.  Check your local newspaper for community based clubs. Check out your local library to join a book club.
  4. Do you play any sports?  Join a team.
  5. Get a gym membership.
  6.  Are there any single colleagues at your work place?  Suggest going out for dinner together.
  7. Sign up for some community classes. I took tennis, acting, and mediation classes.

How have you meet new, single friends?

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