A Fun Read: “Vinegar Girl” by Anne Tyler

“Vinegar Girl” is a beautiful novel that gives insights about love, grief, marriage and life. Anne Tyler does not disappoint in her newest novel. “Vinegar Girl” is the retelling of William Shakespeare’s “The Taming of the Shrew.”

The main character, Kate, is a modern day, independent women. She works at a preschool and lives with her father and younger sister, Bunny. Kate is offbeat and funny. Her father, Dr. Battista is an eccentric scientist. He developed a “mush” that Kate prepares weekly for dinner. He formulated the perfect combination of ingredients for maximum nutrition. Kate grocery shops once a week and prepares the mush also once a week. This is just one example of the quirky and humorous antics of this family.

Dr. Battista is on a breakthrough discovery with his research, but, has one problem. His assistant’s visa is expiring and he comes up with a plan that would allow him to stay in the United States. The plan is that his assistant marries Kate. Kate at first is outraged and angry at her father for even suggesting this preposterous idea, but, begins to see some advantages.

Kate feels stuck in her life and perhaps the marriage is the beginning of a new life. The research assistant’s name is Pyotr. His use of the English language provides more humor.

“Vinegar Girl” is a fun novel filled with colorful characters, humorous situations, and love.

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