A Journey to Develop Willpower

gloria pierson, gloria marie pierson, law of attraction coaching, journey to build willpowerThis blog is about a journey to develop willpower that I am embarking on, and I would like you to join me. But, first the background of how the journey started.

Recently, I celebrated a birthday and as I normally do, I journal to reflect on the past year. I also write about my goals and desires for the coming year. The week before my birthday, I attend a cocktail party. Summers in Florida are hot and uneventful. Most of my days, I wear spandex athletic pants and tee shirts. However, for this party, I needed to wear a nice dress. That was the moment, I knew this next year, some things needed changing. I tried on three dresses that did not fit. Finally, a very forgiving dress fit with sphanx. So, maybe I was uncomfortable, but, that was perfect because it would remind me not to eat everything offered to me.

I realized I had lost my willpower concerning what I was eating. Because I wore mainly work out pants that stretched, it was simple to deny the enviable. Usually, I am disciplined about my work and my meditation practice, but, I understood that willpower was missing. On my birthday, I committed to myself, that in this next year of my life, I would lose weight and get in shape again.

I write about our thoughts and how we can master them. Well, time for a new challenge for me. I need to not only think, but, to act. My will was weakened by my failure to act. I was ready to bring my will to full capacity.

To do this, I downloaded an app to keep track of my calories. I decided to stick with about 1200 calories per day. I also committed to not have any wine during the week. Some days that is painful, but, I am sticking with it. I also signed up for “Camp Crunch” at the gym. Going to the gym the past year for me has consisted on me spending 30 minutes on the treadmill daily. Almost like my body would not move beyond that point.

“Camp Crunch” is brutal. It is a small group one-hour class lead by a trainer. It is like Cross Fit. The first week, I barely was able to do two classes. I’m in my fourth week and up to five classes a week. I feel so good from the workout and the fact I have kept my commitment. The weight is not coming off as fast as I would like, but, I can wear clothes that did not fit a few weeks ago.

The amazing thing is the carryover of this increase in willpower to other avenues in my life. I look forward to the workouts and feel proud and in control. I am getting stronger and stronger both physically and mentally, and it feels great.

This blog is Part of One of my “A Journey to Develop Willpower.” I will keep you updated. In the meantime, is there some area in your life, where you can take control and build your willpower? Take my word, after the initial first weeks; you will begin to feel fantastic. This will help you with self-control, and you will become less affected by what takes place in your outer world. You will get in touch with your “I AM” presence, the height of self-mastery. Get strong mentally and watch your power grow.

Join me on this journey.  If you need any advice or motivation, contact me.

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