Do you ever lose faith and feel your prayers are not being answered? Maybe you need a LOVE rush. Emmet Fox says that, “Ninety-nine times in a hundred (your prayers are not being answered), it is because you are lacking in a sense of love for all. It is a cosmic law that Love heals and that fear and condemnation damage and destroy.”

Oxytocin is called the “love” hormone. It is a hormone that is made in the brain and it transported and secreted by the pituitary gland. It regulates childbirth and breast-feeding. Stress levels subside as oxytocin helps lower blood pressure and cortisol (stress) levels. Try these great tips for increasing your oxytocin levels and let LOVE lead!

A love connection is not only with a romantic partner or with family. Love can come from any form of authentic connection. Of course, love also begins with loving yourself. By loving yourself, you can reach out and be a beacon of light to others.

1. Hug someone. – Not a quick, let’s get this over with hug. But, a nice long hug and connection with another human being. Feel the love and compassion for the other person. You can also hug your pet.
2. Shake someone’s hand. – In order to make a connection, look the person in the eye and use both your hands to shake, one over the other.
3. Give someone a gift. – Give a gift, not out of obligation or expecting one in return. Give something unexpected and give with love.
4. Tell someone you love them and mean IT! – Is there someone you have been meaning to call or visit? Take the step and reach out to them.
5. Meditate on giving and receiving love. Try this short meditation.
6. Take a love bath. – Surround your bath area with rose or vanilla candles, fill the tub and put in several drops of rose oil. As you soak in the water, feel yourself surrounded by pink light – the light of unconditional love. Feel the rays penetrating every cell of your body. Take several deeps breaths and bask in the glowing pink light.

These tips can revive your energy and help you to love yourself and spread that love to others.

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