A Time for Rebirth

Today is Easter Sunday and in the Christian tradition, a time of rebirth. Even if you do not celebrate Easter, let’s look at this time for rebirth of YOU! What have you outgrown in your life and what would you like to re-do or give “birth” to?

I grew up in a Catholic household and we celebrated all the religious holidays. My Dad loved Easter. He had a tradition of having an Easter egg hunt for my sister, brother and I. He would hide chocolate eggs and plastic eggs filled with dollar bills. When my own sons were born, he kept up the tradition with them. After his death, I kept it up: going to the bank the week before Easter to get the dollar bills for the plastic eggs. This was a tradition in our family.

Today start a new tradition: a new rebirth for YOU! First look at your physical body. Is it time to change the color or style of your hair? How about your makeup? Are you wearing the same type of makeup for the past several years? How about your clothes? Are you buying the same boring styles?

Maybe it is time to update and change to a more elegant, chic you. Take a critical look at yourself and update one of those areas. We continually grow and sometimes it is good to stop and evaluate what we have “outgrown” in our lives.

Next, analyze what commitments you have? Are they still relevant in your life? Or is it time to give birth to new ideas and new commitments? What can you let go of in order to bring something different and exciting into your life?

My suggestion, is not ask others for advice, but, to listen to your own heart on the changes you want to make.

Happy Easter and Happy Re-Birth!

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