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Sensational Sunday Aromatherapy Techniques

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Essential oils can be used on many levels: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.   It is important to remember to dilute the oils before use. Essential oils should not be taken orally and should not be applied undiluted to the skin. When buying oils, look for oils that are undiluted and in small dark bottles.  If an oil is marked “scented with essential oils” that is not the pure oil.  There are several popular aromatherapy techniques which I have listed below.

Essential Oils work on the body in two principal ways: absorption through the skin and inhalation through the olfactory system.  There are many ways to use the oils.

1. Massage- This is probably the best know method. The oils are blended with carrier oil. Some examples of carrier oils are: almond, grape seed, peach or apricot oil.

2. Baths – Put a few drops in your bath and swish the water around to mix the oil in.

3. On Pillows and Tissues – This is probably the easiest use of the oils. A few drops of lavender on your pillow at night can give you a restful sleep.

4. Vaporization – You can buy special aromatherapy burners and vaporizers.  I really like the vaporizers.  You put a little water and 6 – 7- drops of an essential oil. The mist fills the air with the aromatic smell.  Depending on my mood, I frequently change which oil I use it.

5. Light Bulb Rings – You add a few drops of oil to the ring and place in on a light bulb.

It is important to not expose your oils to sunlight or air.  Keep them tightly closed and store in a cool, dry place.  Your refrigerator would be a great place to store the bottles.  Some companies sell wooden boxes to store the oils in. Always buy essential oils in dark glass bottle, never in plastic.

Next week, I will discuss some specific oils and their uses.


What is your favorite technique to use essential oils?

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