Believe in Miracles

My son was flying home for spring break and he missed his plane. Something about the bus from the parking lot taking over 20 minutes. No problem, I told him, go the ticket counter and get booked on a later flight. He called me back about 15 minutes later and said his particular discounted fare did not allow you to re-book, you simple lost the value of the ticket. This was not a great way to start spring break. I felt helpless, but, I do believe in miracles.

He said he would begin the 12 hour drive home. I asked him to just wait and let me think of alternatives. I found a flight later that day on another airline that was reasonably priced. However, I felt I needed to detach from the drama, sit quietly, say a prayer and decide the best course of action to take.

I decided to call Delta and see if they would change the flight. I left a message and received a call back about 30 minutes later. During the time I waited for the return call, I prayed and sent love and light to this situation. When the agent called me back, instead of being mad or angry, I sent love and light to her. You can probably guess the ending. This very kind agent re-booked my son on a later flight that day. It was the only one available the rest of that day, but, that was all we needed. I believe that was a miracle.
Next time you have a situation to deal with, try to do following:
1. Take five deep breathes to release any stress.
2. Have your thoughts remain positive and visualize a positive outcome.
3. Say a prayer. Send lots of love and light to the situation and especially to any other person involved.
4. Accept with gratitude whatever the outcome is. There is Divine Order in life.

Have you had a miracle in your life? Believe in miracles.

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