Cleanse Your Space

Cleanse Your Space Skyblue Clustervine, Pentantha flower Your home, your space, is probably filled with objects from your former married life.  Objects carry energy. De-cluttering your home will help remove “stagnant energy” to make room for new people and events in your life. Out with the old prepares your home for new energy to enter.

Take a few deep breaths and slowly, quietly, walk around your home.  Be sensitive to what you are feeling.  Are there any parts of your home that have you feel angry, depressed, and unhappy? Are there any specific objects that have you feel anxious?  If you answered yes to these questions, this is where you begin to de-clutter, rearrange and cleanse your space.

If this is overwhelming for you, start with just one drawer, one shelf. Start in a small way with things that are not as difficult to part with.  Once you get started, it will get easier.  The important point is to start.

I recently moved to a house less than half the size of my former home. At first, it was so hard to part with my belongings, but, once I got going, it felt so good. My house felt brighter and I was happier.  After that process, I only purchase objects that I really love. If you are looking for love, it is very important to cleanse your bedroom area.

Do you still have clothes or articles that belong to your former husband?  Get them out of there. Call him up and have him pick them up.  It is time you made the bedroom, your room.  Get some new sheets and new pillows.  Rearrange the decorations. Maybe buy some new art objects.  Clear out a drawer and some closet space for your new lover.  This is an important step, you are telling the Universe, that you are ready to have someone new come into your life.

Free up space-change the energy!

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