Create the Ideal You

Sensational Sunday      Create the Ideal You

Every Sunday the Single, Happy, and Strong Blog will have an exercise for you to do.  This is a wonderful way to start a new week; to reflect, grow, and begin a shift in your life.  This week we are going help you create the ideal you.

Going through a divorce is not easy and there are many emotions involved.  Through the pain and changes there is also a precious opportunity to create the ideal you.  Stop pretending that it should not have been.   Stop trying to avoid the pain.  Try to relax and stop struggling.

Just sit and relax. Try to feel at peace. When you stop fighting the emotions and pain, you may find yourself more at peace that you thought.  It is in this relaxed state of non-resistance that you can begin to create the NEW ideal you.

Creating the Ideal You

  1. Be –   What do you want to be?  Do you want a new career?  Do you want to be a better Mother?   Do you want to be more patient?
  2. Do – What do you want to do?  Have more time for yourself?  Increase your social circle?  Do you want to learn a sport?  Do you want to learn to play a musical instrument?
  3. Have – Do you want to have a simpler life?  Do you want to have more income? Do you want to have more fun?
  4. Achieved – Do you want to be financially independent? Do you want to complete a marathon?
  5. Serve – How do you want to give back?  What charity, person, or cause can you help.


  1. Sitting in that quiet space of non-resistance.  Get a sheet of paper and a pen.  On the left side of the page, write the 5 words from above: be, do, have, achieved, and serve.
  2. Just start writing next to each word. There are no right or wrong answers.  Just keep brainstorming.
  3. Complete this exercise with the idea that at the end of your life, you created the ideal you.
  4. Go back to your notes another day.  Make some changes or additions.

Now, are you going to begin taking steps to create the ideal you?




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