Dating Tip 11- Read to Expand Your Knowledge

Tip #11 Read to Expand Your Knowledge

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You are changing and expanding your world, so, I feel a great dating tip is to READ!  As a single woman, you want to keep your options open. Read for fun, read for knowledge. You are going to be out and about more and will be meeting all sorts of new people. Some may be future dates, others may be friends. Reading will help you enter into a conversation with strangers or with a potential boyfriend.

While going through my dark period, I stopped reading current events. My son and his college roommate came for a visit.  It was a real eye opener for me.  They would discuss all types of topics and current events, I had no clue what the conversations were about. After they left, I promised myself that I would read at least 3 news articles a day. To this day, I still read at least three articles a day.  With the Internet, it is so effortless to find three articles. Try different topics.  When you go out on dates, it will give you something to talk about besides the usual type of interview questions.  “Where did you grow up?” “How long have you lived here?”  “What type of work do you do” Boring!  You are growing; be different, be interesting, have fun.

My former neighbor, an attorney, actually gave me this advice.  I was going on my first “real” date after my divorce. He asked me where I was going. I told him were were going to a nice restaurant about 30 minutes away. My neighbor suggested, very wisely, that I read a couple of current event articles to give me something to talk about during the car ride.  Great advice, I still follow his suggestion to this day.

Expand your reading to books, both fiction and non-fiction. By expanding your world, you never know where the inspiration for the next step in your life, might turn up.

What do you enjoy reading?




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