Facing Fear for Single Women


Facing Fear for Single Women

“Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear”

-George Addair


 What is it that you fear?  Being alone? Change? Job loss? Supporting yourself?  As you go through a divorce and afterwards, there are many changes you must face and with change, usually comes fear. There are all sorts of fear: small ones and the large ones that take your breath away. As a life coach, I am not here to analyze why you have certain fears.  I can help you cope with them.

Fear sometimes is caused from the unknown.  Instead of thinking the unknown is a great adventure, we fear change. We all have immense power and energy that we can tap into.  This power and energy can help you deal with fears and create the amazing life you want.  We can get rid of fear by action.   Taking action, in small steps.  Using action, you are changing the energy from fear to power.  I want you to feel the fear, do not avoid it.

When you feel fear, sit in a quiet place without interruptions.  Take some deep breaths and scan you body for any discomfort.  Where are you holding the fear?  In your head, your solar plexus, your stomach, your throat?  Spend time breathing and observing the fear in your body.  Embrace the fear and breathe into it.  What is the feeling telling you?  What steps do you need to take to remove the fear?  When you feel comfortable, say a prayer and release the fear into the Universe.  Try repeating this as often as necessary until the feeling is gone.

Next, take one step toward removing the fear.  What did your heart tell you when you were embracing the fear? Take an action step, maybe a risk.  Use affirmations, inspirational reading, prayer, or music to give you courage and strength to take that step.  Little by little you can tackle your fears and you will realize the enormous amount of power that you have to create the awesome life you want.

What steps did you take this week to conquer a fear?  How did it feel?



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