Fantastic Photography Book

“Zen Camera” is a fantastic photography book for the novice and the experienced photographer. The author, David Ulrich, utilizes principles of Zen practice and incorporates them into the photography lessons. This book will not only teach you creative ways to take photographs but, will also help you develop a mindfulness practice to allow you to stay in the present moment and build your creative instincts.

Zen Camera has six lessons: Observation, Awareness, Identity, Practice, Mastery, and Presence. From these chapter titles, you can tell that this is not your ordinary, dull, technical guidebook. This fresh approach will appeal to many people because it is not overly technical. You will learn to develop your style. Each lesson is followed by several exercises to “Try,” and they will reinforce the concepts explained in the lessons.

The author does not recommend an expensive camera or equipment to begin; a cell phone camera is enough. He does suggest two practices to use throughout the book: A Daily Record and Daily Observation. The Daily Record will become your journal throughout the book. It will be the record of your evolving style. David Ulrich recommends taking 100 to 200 photographs a week.

Last year, I was given a beautiful camera as a gift. I know how to turn it on and off, change the battery and use autofocus. “Zen Camera” has inspired me to learn more and develop my skills and style. I have put into my weekly schedule, a time to observe and take photographs. Zen practice has always fascinated me and to combine that with the element of photography is magical.

If you are a seasoned photographer, this book is also for you. My son is an accomplished photographer and filmmaker, and he was fascinated with the exercises the book recommended to do.

If you are looking for a creative outlet, want to practice mindfulness, or even reduce stress, this is the book for you. It can transform your life.

I received this book from Blogging for Books in order to write this review.

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