Follow Your Dreams with These 5 Steps

This is my first blog for 2015 and what a better way to start a New Year than by planning to follow and manifest your dreams. Make this a year to plan step by step, to not give up, and to take at least one small step everyday towards your dream. The Universe will support you, if, you put forth an effort and stay consistent with clear intentions. Give it a try, you can do it. Follow your dreams with these 5 steps.

Your dreams can take many forms. Is it a new job, a relationship, a new hobby, a dream trip, more love, or more abundance? After my divorce, I was lost and really not sure which direction to go. I needed and wanted a new career and followed the steps below. The important point is to not give up. I eventually found a career that I love and that is making a difference in the world. But, it was not a direct route. It was like going from Florida to New York by way of Dallas and Chicago. I trusted that all the detours were part of the master plan to prepare me for the ideal career.

Try these 5 steps to Follow Your Dreams

1. Have very clear intentions of what you want to manifest. It might help to write them down or journal about them. Say them out loud. Put that energy into the Universe.
2. Stay positive and feel good about your intentions.
3. Believe that it will happen with your whole being.
4. Remain flexible. Like I said above, it may not be a direct route, but, have faith that you are being prepared.
5. Stay confident that hidden forces are at work to help you manifest your dreams. Do not worry. Do not have fear, replace fear with confidence and love.

Go for it! What do you want to manifest in 2015? Start today!

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