Free Yourself Practice Forgiveness

Are you holding onto any anger or resentment? You are clogging up your energy pipeline. Your flow of energy stops when you are still chained to the person that betrayed or hurt you. This video describes a method to cut the chains that bind you once and for all.
Free yourself and practice forgiveness. Allow your self to be free and blessed.

You have two choices when someone betrays you: you can get angry or you can forgive and let go. Neither one will feel good at first. It is a process. But, forgiveness will set you free. The energy cord that is tied to you and the other person will be cut and that will allow new energy and higher vibrations to enter your life.

It is not overnight. But, a willingness to forgive is the start. This does not mean that you condone what was done to you. But, try the exercise in the video and allow yourself to be blessed.

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