How to Reset Your Mind to Positive

“How to Reset Your Mind to Positive” is a diet for your thoughts. When we go on a diet for our body, we avoid some foods because our bodies are composed of what we eat. Similarly, what we put in our minds results in what we have in our world. Our thoughts manifest in our lives. With this reset, you can change your environment and bring more peace and happiness.

If you are working on new goals or are trying to manifest something, this is the perfect diet for you to try. This mental diet will only take three days. But, in that time, you will see results and start a new track. You cannot want change in your life and leave your mind unchanged. First, you must change your mind and thoughts for your life to change. This is the key to life- reset and renew.

Here are the four points to keep in mind for your three-day mental diet:

  1. Before you begin, spend a day or two in preparation. It is best not to start this if you know it is going to be a stressful week,
  2. To train your mind during these three days, no negative thoughts. Only thoughts that are positive, constructive, and optimistic can be entertained. Thoughts of failure, fear, criticism, and judgment of yourself or others are banned for the next three days.
  3. If you are with someone who talks negatively, do not engage in the conversation. Change the subject.
  4. To remind yourself that you are on this diet, wear a unique bracelet or a rubber band around your wrist, and carry crystal or Post-it notes. Use whatever will work for you as a reminder.
  5. When negative thoughts come up: think of something or someone that brings you joy, think of God, or say an affirmation.
  6. Keep this to yourself until the three days are up.
  7. Hold steady like a rock if difficulties arise; know your world will be better when everything settles.

You will be amazed by this reset. Transform your life by renewing your mind.




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