Inspirational Books for August

Each month I try to highlight either a new book I recently read or it may be a book that I have had for a while, but, recently reread it. This month, I will feature three inspirational books for August.

“One Minute Wisdom” by Anthony de Mello
Anthony was a Jesuit priest known throughout the world for his spiritual writings. In “One Minute Wisdom” there are more than two hundred parables and lessons about living life fully yet simply. Each anecdote takes only a minute to read and he suggests reading no more than one or two a day. Some topics include: Miracles, Heaven, Presence, Humility and Manifestation. One of my favorite is called Transformation.
“To a disciple who was forever complaining about other the Master said, “If it is peace you want, seek to change yourself, not other people. It is easier to protect your feet with slippers that to carpet the whole of the earth.”

“Zen and the Art of Happiness” by Chris Prentiss
I was given this book as a gift. It is about 140 pages, so, it is a quick read, packed with knowledge. I keep it on my desk and everyday I open to a page to read a few paragraphs. This book will help you learn to adapt to life’s changes, how to deal with stress and how to remain happy in your daily life.
Quote from the book:
“You may discover in reading this book that it is your time to take on a new belief that will bless your life from this time onward. We are the authors of every next moment.”

“The Future of God” by Deepak Chopra
This book provides insights into what God means and gives steps on how to grow in spirit. It is a spiritual book, not religious. He proposes that God lies at the source of human awareness. Therefore anyone can find the God within that transforms everyday life.
Quote from the book:
“The same road that leads to miracles leads to God. We haven’t traveled the road yet. We’ve only made the goal possible. That is the role of faith, to expand the range of possibilities.”

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