Listen and Trusting Your Inner Voice

This video, “Listen and Trusting Your Inner Voice, explains a four-step process to access the inner voice that is always available to you. Your answers are already a part of the Universe, but, you need to ask, slow down and create space for the answers. All creatively comes from inner spaciousness and comes through you. Worry, fear, despair blocks the flow of this guidance.

You may have a big decision to make on a career change or ending a relationship or perhaps, you just want more passion in your life. This four-step process will help.

1. Ask
2. Create the space of stillness.
3. Be Open to the signs.
4. Patience

Decrees mentioned in the video:
Decrees from the video:
” I AM the presence, thinking, through this mind and body”
“Universe, let me be aware of the signs and answers.”
“Great self, speak to me.”
“I AM being divinely guided.”
“Mighty I AM Presence, show me what you want me to do now and make me do it perfectly.”

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