The Lost Art of Good Conversation

With the dawn of modern technology, we are losing verbal communication with each other. “The Lost Art of Good Conversation” supplies simple, practical ways to reconnect with each other mindfully. Sakyong Mipham suggests that advanced technologies intensify the use of words and images through the speed of communication. Because of this pace, we think less before we speak and therefore our spoken words are more harmful.

This book has us take a step back toward simpler times and gives suggestions to engage with others in a kind and respectful way. It brings us back to the basics of listening and connecting with our family, our colleagues, and strangers. Each chapter discusses a different situation and at the end of the section is a Reflection to reinforce the lesson.

The author uses the principles of the Shambhala tradition of meditation, mindfulness, and compassion. This book gives many ideas of how to communicate with others, though starters for conversations and how to talk in stressful situations.

I especially enjoyed the chapter on “Avoid Complaint.” It gave an excellent method to reduce complaining to others. The technique was to make a list of everything that is seemingly wrong in your life. From the list choose one of your routine complaints. The refrain from indulging it in a set period of time. Let’s face it; no one wants to hear us complain.
Everyone can learn and pick up practical tips from this book and connect with others in a kind, compassionate way.

I received a copy of this book from Blogging for Books in order to write this review.

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