Manifest Through Visualization – Part 3

This is Part 3 ” Receptive Visualization of a 5-part video series: Manifest Though Visualization. Each video builds upon the previous one. It is a five-step manifesting boot camp. In this Part 3 video, you will do a “Receptive Visualization” and begin learning to receive images.

In Part 1, you will be guided through a relaxation technique that is essential to get in touch with your Inner Self, clear your mind and relax your body before you begin to visualize.

In the Part 2 video, you will learn to practice concentration with two practical exercises.
Part Three – Receptive Visualization
Part Four – Release Fears/Blocks/Past Programming
Part Five – Final State Visualization

Our thoughts contain energy. By directing our thoughts while relaxed, we can connect with our subconscious mind. Our subconscious is connected to Source, Infinite Intelligence, our ” I AM Presence.” It is those images when held, will manifest in the physical universe.

In this video, you will be guided through a receptive visualization to learn the process. Visualization must be practiced to fully understand and experience it.

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