Mercury Retrograde Has Ended

Mercury retrograde ended on October 9. But, astrologers feel there is shadow effect that can last for up to two weeks once it goes direct. So, you may still feel some effects of it even thought Mercury retrograde has ended.

Mercury rules communications, so, Mercury retrograde is not an ideal time to sign contracts or buy computers. It also can effect communication like publishing and the Internet. Of course, we could not stop our lives the past several weeks, it was a time to double check everything.

My computer crashed during a Mercury retrograde, it was not an ideal time to buy a new computer, but, I needed it for work. My new computer got a virus immediately that took tech support three days to remove.

Mercury retrograde is a time of redo, reassess or revisit. You may hear from friends or partners from your past. That is what happened to me!

A former business partner contacted me. I had not heard from him in over 6 months. Hearing from him made me evaluate our relationship and look at it in a new light. Without blame or fault, I knew I could not go into a relationship with this person again. It was not good for me to be around this person again. I needed to release the relationship once and for all.

How did I do that? I spent time in prayer and meditation. Then, I journaled my feelings and thoughts. This was over several days and I felt at peace. I was forced to “reevaluate” the situation and clean it up for good.

I had another situation with my former husband that needed “redoing”, well this Mercury retrograde brought the opportunity for me to face it head on, not an easy thing to do. But, again, I took charge of the situation, handled it and now my relationship with him is in a different light.

This was a very unusual retrograde period for me, but, I feel very blessed and empowered to move on!

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