No Pity Party Learn to Love Yourself

So, it is New Year’s Eve and you are alone. Does is seem like everyone around you is celebrating and having fun and you will be alone watching the ball drop on your television?  This New Year’s Eve no pity party, learn to love yourself.

You are an incredible, amazing human being. It is time to stop the negative self-talk and negative thinking. It is time to treat yourself with the same love and respect that you give others.

We become what we think about. Positive, loving thoughts will bring positive loving things into your life. When we go through a divorce or through other life changes, it is easy to go to a very “dark” place. It happens little by little and then one day, it seems that there is no joy or happiness in your life. If you are willing to change your thoughts, you can change your life.

Do something special for your self-today. Maybe it is taking the time for a long bath, reading a favorite book, calling a dear friend, or maybe it is just relaxing on the couch and being ok that you are just relaxing on the couch alone.

This New Year’s Eve, try the following:
1. This exercise is from Louise Hay. After my divorce, I did this on a daily basis. Look in the mirror at your eyes and repeat the following, saying your name, “I love and accept you exactly as you are”. You may find it difficult at first and your voice may sound insincere. Keep doing this every day, until you believe it.
2. Repeat other affirmations throughout the day.
3. Picture your heart surrounded by pink light and extend that light out into the world.
4. Do something special for someone. This will take the emphasis off your “me centered ego.”
5. If you are up at midnight, take a toast to YOU! Believe in miracles, there could be one right around the corner.

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