Ready for Love

Ready for Love

The flower doesn’t dream of the bee.

It blossoms and the bee comes.

-Mark Nepo


You are like the flower, ready to blossom. Imagine what type of flower you can become.  Being single, you have the power to invest energy into loving yourself and being open and ready for a relationship.

If you are ready for a relationship, announce your intention to the Universe.  Affirm your intention out loud and trust in Divine Order to bring someone into your life.  Remain hopeful and positive. Remember the law of attraction.

If you have desperate or fearful thoughts about the lack of love in your life, focus on loving yourself.  What do you love about yourself?  Your smile?  Your body? Your patience?  Now look in the mirror and tell yourself what it is your love about yourself.  This is a very powerful exercise. It helps to change your energy to a positive state.

If you are going through a period of being alone, make quality use of your time.  Work on self help skills to improve your self esteem and confidence.  Take good care of your body: eating healthy foods and exercise. While going through my divorce, I did not have extra money to have professional manicures, facials or pedicures.  But, I was able to do all of that at home. You can too!  Get creative.  If you cannot join a gym, go for a walk.  If you cannot afford a manicure, buy a bottle of nail polish.  If you cannot afford a facial, do it yourself or call a local beauty school.  The students need practice and the price is usually a fraction of what a spa would charge. All this tender, precious care of yourself will help you love yourself more.

While waiting for the “bee”; “blossom”, as Mark Nepo so beautifully put it.



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