Rose Quartz and Romance

Tip #6 Get Some Rose Quartz for Romancerose-quartz-242289_640

Eros, the Greek God of love, brought rose quartz to the earth in the hope that its gorgeous color would arise love, romance, and desire. Since the Middle Ages, rose quartz has been considered a love charm. Get some rose quartz for romance and to surround yourself with its energy.

Rose Quartz stimulates circulation and thus increases sexuality. It is considered helpful in affairs of the heart and the heart chakra.  It is found naturally as a piece of quartz. It is usually found in Madagascar, Brazil, United States, and Austria.

Consider buying a rose quartz.  It comes in all sizes and price ranges.  I keep a small rose Quartz crystal in my bedroom, another in my living room and I wear a rose quartz bracelet.  Its beautiful pink translucent color reminds me of romance.  When you go to purchase one, hold several in your hands before you decide on the one to buy. Listen to your heart while choosing one.

When you buy a piece of rose quartz for your home, place it in your bedroom.  If you decide to buy another one, walk around your home and feel where you think it would be best displayed. It has powerful energy even when simply placed in a room as a raw stone.

When placed next to the computer is can prevent headaches and eye fatigue, while placed next to the bed it can improve the quality of your sleep.

When you first purchase it and bring it home, dip it in salt water to cleanse the energy. I put my crystals in the sun to recharge them once a week.

Its properties for love, may be all legend, but, I think it is worth a try!

Do you have any stories of Rose Quartz bringing romance into your life?



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