Single and Thrifty Shopping

Single and Thrifty Shopping


Divorce or being single does, even temporarily, cause changes to your finances.  You will just not have as much disposable income. Shopping trips to the mall or your favorite boutique may have to stop or at least become less frequent.

The solution my friends and I had for this, we began shopping at thrift stores.  It was actually quite fun- almost like a treasure hunt.  We found some adorable stylish clothes at minuscule prices.  We turned a negative into something fun and positive.  Instead of feeling upset and sorry for ourselves we acted creatively.

Sometimes when I would wear one of my thrift store finds and someone would ask me where I bought it, I would answer, “The Meadows Boutique”.  Actually, the outfit would be from our local hospital thrift store which is located on Meadows Road.

Suggestions and Alternatives to Shopping at the Mall.

1. Visit and shop at the local Thrift Stores. Remember; consider it like a treasure hunt.

2. Invite your friends over for a clothes swap. You may be really sick of that sweater that never quite fit and the color just does not look good on you.  Well, your friend may absolutely adore it.  This could be a really fun evening with many laughs.

3. Browse the Internet to see the latest styles and fashions.  Then, spend some time looking at your wardrobe.  Put together outfits in different ways. Accessorize the outfits.  Try to put together 5 outfits that look completely different from ways you previously wore them.

4. Shop the sale racks at discount stores. There are some incredible good finds. I have bought dresses for $15.00.  The key is to know what is in style and put your personalized touch on your outfits.

5. Accessorize your Outfits.  Accessories can change any outfit from ordinary to extraordinary.

Did you find any treasures?





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