Start a Weekly Club

Tip #15 Start a Weekly Club

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Being suddenly, or not so suddenly, separated, divorced or single again after a breakup takes some adjustments.  You have more free time; more alone time and initially that may be painful. Support from friends and family is so precious and important. My Tip Number 15 is to start a weekly club with your friends for companionship, fun, and growth.  The ideas for a club are endless.

My “Stitch and Bitch” group met every Monday at my house. It was started as a knitting group. Several of us had knitted at one time and we thought it would be fun to give it another try. We were not very strict and even if you didn’t know how to knit, you could attend.  Some women did buy needles, yarn and learned.  Everyone brought a dish, appetizer, or desert to share and whatever they personally wanted to drink.  We never organized the types of food everyone brought. It was really fun to experience all the different kinds of food. We used paper plates to make it casual and easy to clean up. Sometimes we would watch a movie after we ate.  Both man and women attended.

It was a wonderful evening of sharing, laughing and just being together. We even discussed writing a “Stitch and Bitch” Cookbook with all the favorite recipes from the food we shared.

The ideas for different clubs are endless:

  • Card Club
  • Book Club
  • Movie Club
  • Investment Club
  • Craft and Hobby Club
  • Current Event Club

The important points are to keep it simple and casual.  The idea is to get together and have fun.  The club you initially start may change, as mine did.  What started as a knitting group evolved to a get together to share recipes and watch movies.

What ideas do you have for a “club”?



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