Start Journaling This Year

Researchers have found that writing about emotions and stress can boost immune function. Studies have been done at both University of Texas at Austin and Syracuse University. Being single or divorced certainly can increase stress and can be very emotional at times. Journaling is a very convenient, easy way to express emotions and feelings. There is not much required: a journal or blank notebook and a pen. Journaling is portable; you can take a small journal with you to record thoughts or insights during your day. Try to start journaling this year.

Today’s Exercise
Sit is a quiet place where you will not be distributed. You may want to light a candle. Silently ask yourself the following question:
“What do I desire?”
Spend a few minutes just being: quietly sitting. Do not judge any thoughts that come up and do not try to find the answer. Just be. By silently asking the question, you have put it out in the Universe and asked the deepest part of you.
After a few minutes, take out your journal and being writing. Just write, let your pen flow. Do not judge what you write. Take a deep breath and continue writing. There are no rules as to the length or the time you spend.
After you are finished writing, take a deep breath, read over what you wrote. Then complete the following sentence:
“I am manifesting………”
This is a powerful exercise to bring your desires into your life. Is it a new job, more income, a boyfriend, more friends? Write your “I am manifesting” statement in your journal before you go to sleep. Our thoughts manifest. Start manifesting positive changes in your life.

Sometimes, I will write a letter to God.  I write about what I am grateful for and also about any problems or decisions I need to make. It helps me clarify my thoughts to move forward with confidence.

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