Tip 17 – More Dating Tips

Tip # 17 – More Dating Tips


It goes without saying that being single; you will experience many first dates and many new experiences.  Stay happy and strong through all the new adventures you encounter. Evan a bad date can be a growth experience.  Think of it as another brick in the foundation of the “new” you!  Today, I will share more dating tips. Please remember my number one advice on dating…Have Fun!

1. Do not discuss exes, politics or religion on a first date.  This may seem elementary, but, it bears repeating and remembering.  Singles in America did a survey and found:  74% of singles did not want to hear about exes, 62% did not want to talk about politics and 54% did not want to discuss religion.

2. Go on a first date with a positive attitude and have fun. Evan if there is not a second date, consider each date as an adventure and an opportunity to have a good time. Take any pressure off yourself about what might be “next”.  Try to stay mindful and in the moment.

3. If you are meeting someone from an on-line site consider a meeting place that has valet parking.  You really know very little about this person and I feel it is safer. It also makes the end of the evening less awkward.  Do you want someone walking you to your car in a dark parking lot?  I broke this rule of mine one time.  My date walked me to my car and he felt there was chemistry between us, I DID NOT.  As he tried to kiss me, I quickly got out my keys and jumped in my car.  Had I valet parked I would have prevented yet another uncomfortable moment.

My best dating advice is to stay positive, love yourself and treat yourself with respect.

Did you have any awkward dates?





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