Tip 21 More Dating Tips

 Tip 21 More Dating Tips


Dating as a “senior” women can bring complications. It is certainly not the same as when we were in our 20’s. After going on probably 100 first dates the last several years, I have encounter a wide variety of situations.  That is why I will give more dating tips.

A recent study on datingadvice.com said that divorcees are 18% more likely than singles to have a one night stand. The research felt that the reason divorcees have one night stands is because they are not ready for a relationship and it increases their self-esteem. Men are 64% more likely to have a one night stand.

My Tips:

  1. If you do decide to have sex on a first date have safe sex.  Safe sex should be practiced for several months in any relationship.  Do not try to be pressured in the “heat” of the moment.  Protect and respect your body.
  2. Do not involve your children and family in a one night stand.  Keep these two parts of your life separate.
  3. Do not romanticize a one night stand.  Except it for what it is and move on.
  4. Our bodies are not the same as they were in our 20’s or 30’s, but, do not be ashamed about the way you look.  You are a beautiful unique human being.
  5. Entering a relationship takes a lot longer at our age.  I have found both men and women use caution before entering a relationship.  Our lives are more complicated than when we were young.
  6. Lunch dates are very popular for people our age.

If you want love as priority in your life, you will have to make an effort.  Besides on-line dating and introductions from friends, think of other creative ways to meet men. Social activities and meet-up groups are another wonderful way to meet men.

What type of activities have you found successful?









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