Tips for Online Dating

Tip #10  Online Dating Tips


 Online dating is a mainstream practice to meet that special someone.  The online websites have people of all ages.  A recent study by the Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences stated that one-third of marriages in the United States began with online dating. Of those that did not meet on-line: 22% met at work, 19% met through friends, 9% met at a bar or club and 4% met at church.  Well, girls with those stats, I say, try it!  I have done on-line dating for several years. My philosophy is, if you are not “out” there, you have no hope of meeting someone special.

My on-line dating tips for today:

  1. Some men want a pen pal.  They go on and on with emails.  So many times, I would run out of “cute” things to say or ask.  Enough!  It is my advice to email back and forth several times and then set up a phone conversation.  If you are still interested after the phone call, arrange to meet for coffee or a drink. Do not spend a lot of time or energy with emails. Cut to the chase and if he is not right for you.  Next!   I often wondered about several men that wanted pen pals: maybe they were married or incarcerated?
  2. Be very suspicious of anyone that calls you “honey” or “sweetie” all the time.  The chances are pretty great, that they are dating quite a few women.  By using these endearing terms, will not make the mistake of calling you or the other women the wrong name.
  3. If you attempt online dating, spend some quiet time to analyze what is you are looking for in a man.  You will have many, many men contact you, but, if you are not sure what you want, you are wasting their time and yours.  Be selective in your choices.

Have you tried online dating?  How did you like it?

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