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Very excited to be interviewed on the website What Ever is Good for the Soul.

Life Coach Specialist in Singletons & Divorcees:
Gloria Marie Pierson

Today Gloria Marie Pierson shared her wonderful story and soul with us. Gloria is a well-renown life coach, specializing in singletons and divorcees. Listen to the story of her divorce, and how she managed to change it all. Gloria shares her to day to day life and really allows us to become inspired.

Where are you from?
I grew up near Gary, Indiana and moved to Boca Raton, Florida in 1970. That was quite a change. I was a junior in High School. Boca Raton was a small beach town at that time. I still live in Boca Raton and raised both my sons here. It is a wonderful community.

How do you try and live a zen and balanced lifestyle?
I lead a very “zen” life. The past 8 years brought many changes into my life, a balanced life, helped me survive.
My daily zen routine: Before my feet touch the floor in the morning, I say out loud that “I am so grateful for this day and all the gifts that it will bring” Next, before I engage in the world, I meditate for 20 – 30 minutes. After meditating, I sometimes journal. Breakfast is usually a “green” protein shake followed by some type of exercise. I follow a vegetarian diet. Next work begins, I go into my office and before I turn the computer on I pick out and write an affirmation for the day. I keep in on my desk. After lunch, I try to spend 20 minutes reading an inspirational book before I begin working again. That keeps me inspired. Before bed, I try to write in a journal at least 3 things I was grateful for in the day. My soul is happy spending time in nature, listening to beautiful music, laughing with family and friends, and watching movies. I love movies.

Tell us about your business
My business is life couching. My aim is to help women that are single or women that are going through a divorce. I learned so much from my process and I want to share this with others. Instead of being broken you can thrive through difficult times, if you are willing to work at it. I offer practical lessons and exercise to help them create a life filled with love and joy. My sessions begin with a series of question to help my clients discover what they would like to improve in their life. I as always say, “It is an inside job”. I offer my services primarily through phone sessions.

What has sent you on the path to become a life coach?
It all started with my blog, Single Happy and Strong. I started the blog as a hobby, a creative outlet, to pass on what worked for me the past 8 years. In the past 7 years: I went through a divorce, both my sons went off to college, my beloved dog died, and I was unemployed and underemployed. My home was going into foreclosure. It was a very, very dark period. The one rock I has was my Mom, who, also passed away. This dark period forced me to go deep within and begin a balanced lifestyle. It was not easy, but, I did it. I loved writing and sharing so, I decided to turn my hobby into a career and became certified as a life coach.

How do you think living a balanced and zen lifestyle has helped your business?
My balanced and zen lifestyle has helped my business because I practice what I preach. It is an authentic lifestyle that is congruent with my work. I lived through hell and it was a great teacher. I am no longer fearful or afraid of the future. I live passionately in the moment and really enjoy life. I want my clients to believe they can lead a happy life and help them get there. There is no greater satisfaction then seeing the changes in their lives.

What does your soul love?
I live in Florida just 20 minutes from the beach, so, this is going to sound strange. What does my soul love….the mountains in Jackson Hole, WY. My soul cries with happiness every time I land in that beautiful area. I love hiking in the canyons, canoeing on the river, or spending the day reading by a lake. It refreshes my soul. Every so often, I need my JH fix.

What advice would you give someone looking to move into the mind, body & soul revolution?
I would tell them to “just begin”. Make a commitment that you are going to move into the mind, body, movement and create an awesome life. It all starts with commitment. It can start with small steps. I would suggest that they do research on the Internet, read books, take some classes, and find blogs that give suggestions on life style changes. Then write down an “action” plan and stick with it. My clients have found that even small changes can have a huge effect on their lives. One example of this: meditate first thing in the morning for just 5 minutes.

Visit Gloria on her webpage www.singlehappyandstrong.com to hear more of her inspiring story, advice and contact details.

Until next time,

– Whatever is good for the soul, x.


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