You Can Help Remove Negative Energy and Fear

We all can spread peace, love, and light in the world. Every day you have a choice. Will you be part of the problem and drama or part of the solution? Instead of being drawn into negative thinking and fear energy, do the opposite and surround situations, people, and events with God’s love and light.

We are all lightworkers. Stay strong and try not to give in to darkness and ego-driven conditions. Rise above the chatter. Rise high with love and peace.  Spread happiness wherever you go.

This may require you to pause before you react. You may need to break a few old habits. When we hear, see, or read something that we do not like, our knee jerk reaction is to REACT! Instead, pause, take a breath, and send love. Be the change the world so desperately needs now.

This has been a tough year for everyone in so many ways. I am not trying to romanticize it, but what has this year given you? What have you learned? What is your takeaway? Dig deep, and you will find an answer.

I read an article that suggested to document the year of COVID for your grandchildren. When they ask, “Grandma, what did you do during COVID?’’ Consider your answer to that question. Our quarantine time is not over, and you still have the time to make it meaningful.

Some suggestions:

Keep a log of card games or other games you played.

A log of your Zoom social events.

New skills you learned in order to work remotely.

A cookbook of the new recipes you made.

A journal of your thoughts and feelings.

A list of books you read.

Or a combination of all of these and more.

I will do a combination of the above, and I will also include my COVID negative test results as part of my COVID memory book.  Let us all try to make the best of this situation. Stay safe and spread love and light.

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