15 Ways to Save Money


After my divorce, I had to come up with ways to spend less and save money. I no longer lived in a two income household. So, I came up with 15 ways to save money. If it seems too overwhelming to enact these all at once, try a few at a time. Some may be harder to put in place: giving up that spa facial may be difficult or giving up the morning coffee stop. This week make it a point to try at least 3 of these tips.

1. Limit the number of times you eat out. Instead, have friends over for a pot luck meal. You can exchange recipes. This can be fun and it is low-cost. Maybe even watch a movie or play a card game.
2. Call you credit card company to ask for a lower interest rate.
3. Practice a 30 day wait on unnecessary purchases. A 30 day wait will stop impulse buys and help you purchase only what you need.
4. Disconnect your land line. Switch to using your mobile phone.
5. Switch bank accounts to get free checking. Shop around for better rates.
6. Turn lights, computer, and other appliances off when you are not at home.
7. Try generic brands of your favorite beauty products and foods.
8. Brown bag your lunch. Add up the cost of eating out for lunch every day, it is probably quite costly. Plan your lunches on Sunday.
9. Develop your grocery list and meals around the weekly grocery flyer specials.
10. Go to the library for books, CD’s and movies. It is free or low-cost for rentals.
11. Drop the gym membership. Opt for free You Tube exercise videos or free exercise apps.
12. Clean your closets to make extra money. Sell things you no longer need or want on eBay, Craigslist, or have a garage sale.
13. Disconnect your cable and sign up for Netflix or Hulu Plus instead.
14. Make your own cup of coffee in the morning instead of stopping at the local coffee shop.
15. Cut spa costs- buy the products and give yourself a facial, manicure and pedicure at home.

Did you try any of these? Which ones worked for you?

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