3 Ways to Stop Fear

What we think is what we attract into our lives.  If we lived in an isolated area surrounded by the peaceful sounds and views of nature, it would probably be easier.  But, most of us live complicated lives and every day we face challenges.  Add to that the violence and hatred that we see in the news and trying to remaining positive and peaceful can be challenging. It is challenging, but, it is doable: try these 3 ways to stop fear the next time you feel yourself slipping.

The Law of Attraction simply put is: the thoughts, action and words we put out into the Universe, the exact thoughts, action and words will return to us. If we have fearful thoughts or thoughts of hate, we will attract more fear and negativity into our lives. They may come into our lives as a different form, but, they will come in.

Maybe you are trying to manifest abundance into your life. Guard your thoughts about abundance others have carefully. Envy or jealousy of others good fortune will not help you manifest abundance into your life.  God wants us all to live opulent, joyful lives.  There is plenty of abundance for everyone. If you are feeling envious of someone, try to bless them and feel happiness for them, you too deserve and can manifest the same.

It is the fear that we deal with on a daily basis that prevents us from leading happy, joyful lives. Our fears do not go away overnight; we have a life time of creating them. But, you can take charge of your thoughts and gradually pick away at them. Like a gardener weeding out a garden, you can pick out the fearful, negative habits from your mind.

3 Steps to Stop Fear

  1.  Meditate or pray at least once a day. In prayer and meditation, we learn to re-program out minds and align closer to God.  With God all things are possible.
  2. Spend time in nature. Nature is very healing. We can shut out the fear, the news, and our problems if just for a short time. Even a short time, we help us connect to our Inner Self and our soul.
  3. Do something loving for yourself. We cannot stop all the fear and hatred in the world, but, we can take steps to love ourselves and that love that you feel will go out into the world. Our bodies are made of energy and pure, positive energy will affect those around you. Instead of fear based energy, loving energy is healing. Take a long bath. Read an inspiring book.


What do you do to release fear?


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