5 Ways to Create a Joyful Life

My book, “Divorce the Divorce” has 52 chapters with 52 lessons to change your life. Recently I was interviewed on the Lillian McDermott radio show and Lillian asked me to name my top five ways to create a joyful life.

These are my top five:

1. Learn to Love Yourself– You need this before you can give to others. A great analogy is the oxygen mask on airplanes. We have all heard the message, “Place the oxygen mask on yourself first”. Spend a day being aware of your thoughts. Are your thoughts about yourself more positive or negative? Become aware of your thoughts and change them if necessary.
2. Forgiveness – This includes forgiveness of ourselves and of others. Clean up your past and free up any negative energy to allow a natural flow of positive energy to flow. An unforgiving mind is full of fear, the opposite of love. “A Course in Miracle” says, “Forgiveness is the key to happiness”.
3. Gratitude – Being in a state of gratitude connects you to your true self. If there is a situation in your life you want to change, it is important to be grateful for what you already have. A state of gratefulness is felt in the heart and connects you to living in the moment.
4. A Spiritual Practice – Going inward helps you grow and heal. A spiritual practice may take many forms: pray, meditate, contemplation or inspirational reading. By a “practice”, in order for growth, it needs to be done on a consistent, daily basis.
5. Find Your Passion – We are meant to enjoy and thrive in our lives. Finding your passion may be in a hobby, a job, or your calling. It is what makes your heart sing. When you discover it; create a plan and take steps every week towards it.

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