Are You Ready for Change?

Do you feel stuck? Maybe not satisfied with your life, your work, your friends or relationships? Sometimes it is hard to take that first step to move on. Change can be frightening. I believe in living in the moment, but, sometimes, we may have unfinished business from our past that needs to be cleaned up before we can move on. Are you ready for change?

Think about the area in your life that you would like to change? Get out a sheet of paper and make a list of the problems in this area of your life. Write specific examples. Now spend some time analyzing each one. Be very honest with yourself. Some questions you may ask:
1. How did I contribute to this problem?
2. What could I do differently?
3. What or who am I afraid of?
4. Is there someone I need to forgive?
5. What needs to be cleaned up?

Recently I decided to change direction in my life and my career. I wanted to take on more responsibility and to follow my calling. Well, there were a series of events that could have appeared that everything was going wrong in my life. It could have sent me spiraling downward, but, instead, I did the exercise described above. I realized that I had trouble asserting myself. It was easier for me to go with the flow, which sometimes is fine. But, in life, you do have to take responsibility as an adult. In these series of events, I learned to assert myself in a kind, loving way. I realized in order for the Universe to give me more responsibility, I had to conquer this.

If you want more abundance in your life, are you financially responsible with what you currently have? If you want to meet your soul mate, have you learned from past relationships or are you doing the same things over and over? We cannot show up the same way and expect things to be different. Is there something you need to clean up?

We are meant to live happy, magnificent lives. Sometimes when we clean up and forgive others and ourselves for past mistakes, the Universe opens a whole new door for you.

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