Autumn Harvest and Time for Reflection

It seems like I just wrote a blog about making the most of your summer and now autumn is here. Autumn is harvest time and a time for reflection. A time of transition. What would you like to harvest in the final few months of this year? It is a good time to step back and look back on the year so far. Are there some goals you would like to accomplish before 2105 is over?

Fall bring many changes. School begins and for many it may be a whole new experience; starting college or starting high school. Fall is a time when animals prepare for winter. They look for shelter or leave for warmer places. A new television season begins.

I find fall a beautiful time of year. The changing leaves are breathtaking with vivid colors. I remember one fall being in Wyoming and listening to the elk bugling during their mating season. The hiking trails were stripped of berries as the bears were preparing for hibernation. Warm days and cool evenings.

What would you like to harvest this fall?

Is there someone you need to forgive?
Do you want to start that exercise routine?
How about taking the time to read the book that has been on your coffee table all summer?
Is there someplace you would like to visit?
Did you become an empty nester and want something to fill that void?
Do you want to manifest more abundance?
Is it time to try online dating?

Embrace this new season. Make some memories. Just as animals gather during the fall to prepare for winter, what do you need to gather for the winter season? With the busy summer season over, fall can be a great time to go inward and reflect.

On the fall equinox, consider spending some time in reflection. In your reflection time, make a list of the blessings and joys you have received so far this year!

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