Let Go of 2014 and Manifest 2015

This week, we ring in 2015 and this is the last Sensational Sunday exercise for the year.  Do you feel like the past year went quickly? It seems like almost yesterday that I was packing up my son’s things after the holiday for him to return to college. What I love about a new year is that it is almost like a clean slate. It is time to let go of 2014 and manifest 2015. I have this great exercise to help you do that. Would you like 2015 to be your best year ever? You can make it the best ever! Follow your dreams in 2015, do not give up. Start the year with clear intentions. Spend a few minutes on the 4 steps below.

Try these 4 steps to ring in the New Year!

1. On New Year’s Eve, get out your journal and spend some time reviewing 2014. Sit in a quiet spot and reflect on the past year without judgment. Try answering some of these questions;
a. What was the most significant thing that happened in your life in 2014?
b. List one joy and one sorrow that you experienced this year.
c. What is the greatest thing you learned this year?
d. What are you thankful for this year?
2. Next, list what you want to leave behind in 2014. What is getting in the way of living the life you want? If you could change one thing about your life, what would it be?
3. Light a candle and say a prayer of gratitude for 2014. Have the feeling of gratitude permeate your whole being. Now, leave 2014 behind.
4. On New Year’s Day make a list of what you would like to manifest in 2015. Be very clear with your intentions. Write them in a positive form and believe the Universe will help you.
At the top of your list write, “This or something better will manifest in 2015!” Say that out loud and believe it in your soul.

Happy New Year! What would you like to manifest in 2015?

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9 years ago

Great article Gloria. Here is to 2015! Happy New Year!

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