Birth the Life You Deserve

Easter is a time of re-birth and renewal. It is a great time to reflect on your life. Maybe it is time to begin again and birth the life you deserve. How does that sound?

What part of your life would you like to change? Examine your life and see if there is something that needs to be cleansed or removed before you can move forward. Is there a habit you would like to get rid of? Is there someone you need to forgive? Or is that “fear” chatter consistently in your head.

During Lent, I was determined to face some of my fears. It was time to get rid of that chatter in my head. We all have something we fear and sometimes we deal with one and then another comes up. I was determined to trust God more than my fears. On a daily basis, I would spend a few minutes embracing my fears and then took steps to face them. Once I did this with prayers, affirmations, and journaling, some amazing things began to happen in my life.

The next step is to take some action steps toward the life you want and deserve. Some ideas would be: take a class, start networking, volunteer, research on the Internet, or join a meetup group. This action step is important. It is you telling the Universe that you are ready for a change. Stay focused and do not give up. If you have to take baby steps, that is alright.

Keep the faith and wonderful things will manifest. Doors will open up. But, remember change may not be in your timeframe. It is in God’s timeframe. Find a way to keep the faith. If one method does not work, try another.

Happy Easter and Happy Spring!

“The real key to life: if you change your mind your conditions must change too.”-Emmet Fox

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