How to Make Every Day a Happy Day

How to Make Every Day a Happy Day

How many of you woke up today feeling really excited and joyful to start your day? How many of you wake up this way every day? You are probably thinking, she is crazy, that is not possible. It is possible! I will teach you how to make every day a happy day.

It all starts with our mind. Your mind is a powerhouse that you can tap into and use its incredible strength. Picture yourself as the captain of a ship. You control where the ship goes. Likewise, you can control your thoughts and you will see changes in your life.

Our happiness is an inside job. It is not dependent on material things, other people or even our jobs. We need food and shelter and therefore need our jobs, but, you could have the best, most exciting job in the world and still be unhappy.

Try these 5 steps to make every day a happy day.

1. Begin you day with prayer and gratitude. Before your feet hit the floor, be grateful that you woke up for another sunrise. Say a prayer for yourself or others. Ask God for guidance.
2. Give something away. Give away love, your time, money, advice or even a smile to a stranger.
3. Do something you are passionate about. If you are not passionate about your work, find something that brings passion in your life. A hobby could turn into a career.
4. Face your fears. We are all fearful about something, instead of ignoring your fears, embrace them and take steps to remove them.
5. Use affirmations. Affirmations are powerful, positive statement written in the present tense. If you start you day saying, “I dread today, it is going to be a terrible day.” I can tell you with 100% accuracy that you WILL have a terrible day. Instead, try these affirmations. “Miracle will follow miracle and wonders will never cease today.” “Divine Love surrounds me and guides me today.” “This is a new and wonderful day for me.”

For the next week, try these five steps. You are the captain of the ship and you CAN live in joy!

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Abby Siegel
Abby Siegel
6 years ago

Great comment…just when I need an adjustment ( or uplift ) in my life!

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