Create A Magic Circle to Honor Yourself

If a stranger came to your door unannounced, would you let them in the house? Probably not. Negative thoughts and words need to be treated the same way. Put a lock on them and shut them out from your life. Imagine having a Magic Circle around your thoughts and only you decide what thoughts or words enter or leave your Magic Circle. Just like deciding who is welcome to enter your home. Learn to STOP, LOOK, AND LISTEN before you speak. Start today to create a magic circle to honor yourself.

You can control your thoughts and words with a watchful, determined effort. Our words are magnets. They go out into the Universe and return to us. If you want to change your life, you must change your thoughts and words. Now, I am saying you can do this, I am not saying it is easy. You have years and years of bad habits to break. But, if you will STOP, LOOK, AND LISTEN to your words, you can change negative thoughts to positive ones and see tremendous changes in your life.

Every time you are tempted to make a negative statement, judge someone, criticize someone or gossip, remember to STOP. LOOK, AND LISTEN. Change those statements. Believe that you have the power to create the life you want, and it begins with your words and thoughts. Start guarding your Magic Circle just like you put a lock on the door to your home.

When you start this work do not day after day or week after week ask, “How can I do this? Or “Why aren’t things happening like I want.” Trust in Divine Order, guard your words and thoughts and do not give power to “why,” “when,” “where,” “how,” or “what.” Believe in perfection and know that if you do your part, the Universe will respond.

Start today to give power to this new momentum!

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